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If I’m going to position myself as a specialist in this field, it’s worthwhile telling you a bit about my professional background and what qualifies me to speak on such an important topic.

After graduating with a Geology degree from the University of Manchester in 2014, I started my career with an internship at a renewable energy company. Whilst working on a project to understand the feasibility of photovoltaic solar panel investments I quickly realised that the numbers only worked at scale and it would be a largely unobtainable technology for consumers - this turned out to be the first glimpse of an emerging pattern in my career that the little guy seems to get left behind in a move to a green new future. 

Following a period as a trader in the minor metals industry, I then moved on to start my journey working with plastics as the Head of Business Development for a flexible packaging company. I was incredibly lucky to find a role that gave me the freedom of expression that every millennial craves and quickly began delving into the technical delights of material science and technological advances in the eco-conscious sphere.

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“It is my firm held view that it should be easy to go green, sustainability should not be an exclusive club and being genuinely eco-conscious shouldn’t make it impossible to compete with household brands.

– Elliot Hyams

What inspired me to pursue a career in sustainability?

My primary source of inspiration came from the newly formed Circular Economy initiative called CEFLEX, a consortium of industry that included the full lifecycle of plastics from FMCG multinationals to recyclers.

The expertise that was shared at conferences was simply unobtainable elsewhere and I quickly realised that there was little prospect of SMEs keeping up with the moves by the larger industry players, so effectively this is where I feel I can make a difference. As things stand, start-ups in particular generally do not have the funds or capabilities to purchase truly sustainable packaging, as the minimum order quantities from material and packaging manufacturers are simply astronomical.

As consumers continue to push brands to be more sustainable, products and packaging are becoming increasingly recyclable, compostable and reusable. Today’s zeitgeist would suggest that single-use plastics are now the enemy, leading small businesses to find sustainable packaging solutions that will keep them in their customers’ good books. 

Unfortunately, companies are increasingly purchasing packaging that is not fit for purpose, doesn’t protect their products and may even be causing more damage to the environment. This is not an optimal outcome for those simply trying to do the right thing!

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Where is Elliot Hyams now?

Now working as Head of Business Development | Sustainability Lead at SPS Pouches, I will use my experience to help smaller businesses keep up with changes in the industry and help them navigate their way through all of the sustainability misinformation online. Through my access to the British Plastics Federation (BPF) I will have a unique insight into upcoming technical advancements in plastic materials as well as any pending regulatory changes from the government.

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If you’re interested in sustainability or in a related industry and want to connect, please don’t hesitate to visit my social profiles. I’m always looking to expand my network to learn from others and increase the reach of my own content.